Day 21 of 32 – Sunday 21 April – Semi-Final anguish, Dog Bite Trauma and Fatigue

Another bright sunny morning greets us as  I awoke with a rendition of a now familiar BFC tune in my head with a subtle electoral twist courtesy of Rob …. 

🎵 Woke up this morning feeling fine

I’ve got Blackpool COUNCIL on my mind … 🎵 

We’ll get BLACKBURN out coz you know we should🎵 (oh yeah 😎)

Something tells me we’re into something GOOD !


As I listened I put up a FB post asking for people to be part of the ‘Blackpool Revolution’ and to please join us today at the No.4 Car Park at 10:30 to help chase SIMON BLACKBURN the Oyston Lover out of our town.




Down for an early breakfast in a place I used to visit back in the 90’s after gigs and Pitney Bowes work do’s. The Britannia Hotel was originally a cotton mill and then a factory before it was converted to a hotel. Then retrieved the car which was actually £30 and not £7 as cunningly advertised … rip-off Britain once again, the parking industry must be one of the worst.

Zoomed back to TGC via TDE straight to the No.4 car park just as we were last Sunday and will be next Sunday. Once again a small band of brothers and sisters (we few we merry few) gathered and collected leaflets to go out beating the streets of Brunswick Ward (Blackpool). Great effort by the good people of TGC …. we had one chap who was recovering from a recent appendix operation and one recovering alcoholic. Steve R was back again – so grateful he and others kindly give up their time for the cause. This is our second election leaflet drop and we have inverted the Tangerine and Blue colours just so it does not confuse the good people of Brunswick Ward as a duplicate of the first pamphlet when it drops on to their doormats. 

Before I started leafleting I nipped to catch the second half of our Joe’s semi-final (The Saddle v The Showboat) at Wren’s. This was the 3rd semi-final The Saddle had reached this season – so far won 2out of 2. There was a good crowd and when I arrived it was 1-1 and The Saddle had missed a few good chances. Unfortunately we ended up losing 1-3. Semi-finals are all or nothing games and hard to predict – look at how Spurs beat City in the week. I think the lads playing for The Saddle were a bit intimidated and let themselves get outplayed. I would have given anything to have been 20 years younger and gone on as a Roy of the Rovers substitute. Anyhow you can’t win them all so well done to The Showboat and good luck in the Melling Cup final.

I drove and parked up at the No.3 grabbed my pamphlets and started posting on Devonshire Road. I met Ian Coleman (Gary’s dad) who was preparing for his book launch that afternoon at the Royal British Legion on King Street. Ian was mayor of Blackpool and has had some local political issues with Simon Blackburn – these might become public knowledge at some stage but I must admit I’ve only heard various rumours but not the full story.

On Peter Street with tower in the background – – pre-dog attack !

My music of choice today was In My Tribe by 10,000 Maniacs – what a beautiful album, Natalie Merchant has the voice of an angel. All was going well in a world of music, letterboxes, sunshine and tangerine until a mini-disaster struck opposite Devonshire Road School – something I will never forget ….. a bloody dog bite !

Thanks doggy – not my best moment of the campaign ….

I was posting a leaflet and a Japanese Makita (so I’m told by the neighbours) took a liking to my fingers, latched on to them and tried to drag me through the letterbox! I yanked my hand free and blood was spurting up in the air. I ran on to the pavement in excruciating pain – at first I thought I had lost the tips of my fingers.

The next door neighbours kindly came to my aid and phoned an ambulance straight away. I didn’t want to look at my bledding wounds, all I knew was that they hurt like hell. As I dripped blood all over the pavement (sorry about that) the neighbours who have 3 young kids told me how they were frightened of the dog as it could be very fierce. 

Up at A+E on a Blackpool Bank Holiday Sunday is nobody’s idea of fun. But a clean-up, application od a clean dressing, a check on the tetanus status and a prescription for dog-bite medication and I was discharged. I ambled back home in the sun listening to Leatherface and Alkaline Trio. Got some grub from the New Moons fishery café on Staining and went for a lie down to watch the Cardiff v Liverpool game. Fell asleep to be awoken by the police knocking at the front door. They are going to visit the house where the bite happened. Surely there should be a sign or a cage around the letterbox FFS! – the poor posties must dread houses like this.

Outside the Shrine by BVH – lovely building – time to trundle homewards ….

Anyhow let’s just put the incident down to a bit of bad luck  …. I will keep the blood-stained leaflet I was posting as a memento of when the pooch decided my fingers looked like a tasty meal. My first ever dog bite – hope it will be my last.

Prefer this to that Makita – random cat enjoying the sun outside Rox Towers … good job Progress is probably asleep somewhere …. x

Phoned a cab, retrieved my car from the No.3, visited Whitegate Drive walk in centre for my prescription …. and now armed with a wooden spoon / spatula and bandaged hand I went out leafleting around St Clements, Milton Avenue, North Park Drive, Forrest Gate. After a couple of hours it was going dark so I called it a day. Dropped a few Election posters off at Deano’s on Birchway and popped to The No.10 for an hour.

Was chatting to Brian ‘The Sheriff of Nottingham’, Livvy and Mick then grabbed a comfort pizza from Anna at Papa Johns next door. Whilst departing to collect said pizza few of us were sat outside having a chat about the monumental mess that is BREXIT. As I said my goodbyes, Walshy’s missus shouted …. ‘Higgy can I have some of your election posters please ? … to help us keeps burglars away’ …. great shot and very funny – I had neither the strength nor the wit to try and counter that one-liner. n

22 thoughts on “Day 21 of 32 – Sunday 21 April – Semi-Final anguish, Dog Bite Trauma and Fatigue”

  1. Sorry to hear about the dog bite, I bet the postie hates going there. The owners are to blame.

    Good luck with the election, I would have been in your ward when I lived up there and the local people need a change and a “real” person to represent them.

    Enjoy the game today!!

  2. Great effort Andy, shame about the dog bite! Looks gruesome! 🙈
    You’re doing a great job, it’s time the political establishment had a big shake up and Councillor Blackburn has been no friend to Blackpool or Blackpool FC. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Christine – yes, and sadly we don’t yet know why he chooses to back Oyston rather than the local people ….

      Over the past few months the Open Letter exercise has clearly revealed to Blackpool Supporters Trust that Councillor Blackburn is vehemently opposed to speaking out against Oyston when the rest of the political spectrum have united against Oyston.

      Sadly because he will not return or respond our emails, voicemails, texts and calls to both his office and his mobile phone we don’t know WHY he backs Oyston ? – there must be reason ?

  3. We need to get behind the local candidates local for local people get of your bottom a d vote for Andy and Gary.

    1. Cheers George – we will post details of all the streets and avenues in BRUNSWICK WARD so people can let us know if they have friends or family in BRUNSWICK WARD whom might be good enough to support us ….

      …. people can obviously support us by voting for Gary and I on May 2nd, but also being kind enough to put up a poster in their window or spreading the good word that people have had enough and are not prepared to stand for SIMON BLACKBURN representing BRUNSWICK WARD and being the leader of BLACKPOOL COUNCIL anymore.

  4. I hope the bite isn’t too bad Andy!

    Good luck with the campaigning. It would be fantastic to see a local lad in place in the Brunswick ward. Someone who understands local issues and loves the town that he is from

    1. Thanks Dave – it’s still really sore but I’m sure it will be fine soon.

      It will take more than a dog-bite to deter us old son. 🤣

  5. TBF Andy lad the leafleting recovering alcoholic was just phished after a great night celebrating a friends 60th. As an ex military man I wasn’t late in parade either! Done a few of them worse for wear as well in my day! BlackburnOut he’s a *#%t

  6. See you next Sunday. Happy to ‘man’ the polling stations for you and Gary what a good man he is – just like you. Ian Coleman is a really good man and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). I had the honour to follow him – served 42 years man and boy. #BlackburnOut

    1. Thanks Ray – that would be great …. the 2 polling stations are on Newton Drive (St Kentigerns) and Caunce Street (St Thomas’s).

      We shoukd all wear something tangerine on the day as it is Blackpool’s colour and represents how distinctive Blackpool is …

  7. Thanks for your support Chris …… hopefully see you and the Bispham Massive very soon …. let me know if you fancy coming to Barnsley old chap ?

  8. It’s time we had a genuine Local Councillor who knows what’s going on and what’s needed in our great town. You are the man for the job Andy and get the vote of this house. If you get a poster to me, I will put it up in the porch for all the 100’s of Blackpool fans who pass to and from the ground, to see.
    That dog bite looks a right nightmare, as is waiting about in A&E. Good job you are not a soft lad…. but I bet you were blubbing! Good luck with everything mate.

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