Day 23 of 32 – Tuesday 23 April – Volunteers of St. George and the Geography of Brunswick Ward

Today is St George’s Day, I bet after the weekend’s excesses most people do wish it was a national holiday. Fed cat, showered, sorted breakfast and then off to retrieve car from Bloomfield Road.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about the army of BFC volunteers who give their time for free and for the love of the club and community. As I have been away a lot recently and canvassing BRUNSWICK WARD for the last two Sundays I haven’t been able to offer my assistance. I received an e-mail off Tony Wilkinson (deputy- chair of BST) requesting assistance today so I took a couple of hours off work and joined the volunteers. Armed with heavy duty bin-bags we worked like a team (swarm sounds a bit horrible ?) of litter-collecting locusts moving from the North, through the West, the South and the East Stands. I must admit I got quite into the swing of it listening to Apple Music through my headphones picking up bottles, plastic glasses, ripped up match day tickets, sweet wrappers, half eaten pies and sticks of rock.

You block off the outside world when listening through ear pods so I hope people didn’t think I was being rude as I’m sure I missed a few exchanges of pleasantries when we passed one another working across the stands. The 2 albums of today were again Alkaline Trio’s Crimson (which I recommend to Steve R. after a quick chat about 10,000 Maniacs’ In My Tribe album) and Oh Calcutta ! by Chicago’s finest The Lawrence Arms. We must have been at it a couple of hours and collected about 45 full bin bags of rubbish. I think Tony  estimated the number of hours given freely to help the club as over 750 so with more planned this will soon be above a 1,000 hours – I hope the Interim Board and C.A.R. are appreciative of all the money these unsung heroes are saving them.

45 Bags of Rubbish and counting !

It’s now 11.30am and it’s back to the world of work. I’ve quite a few calls to make today amidst attempts to get paperwork in place for month end and checks on delivery dates for some upcoming installations.

This is an example of the office equipment (a small Pitney Bowes postage meter / franking machine with Mail-mark) Postal + Data Systems provides to businesses – exciting eh ? 

A small franking machine – saves 20p on every envelope …

Many people I know wanted to be a footballer, a movie star or a rock-star as kinds … I regard myself as blessed as all I ever wanted to be was a franking machine and photocopier salesman !

Running a fine campaign

Spoke with Campaign Manager (Ashley Knowles) who as you will see from the caption above is always ‘on message’ about trying to set up a ‘hustings’ event so the good people of BRUNSWICK WARD can meet and question the candidates in next week’s election.

I think he was chasing up Dear Leader Blackburn today …. ? I hope he has more luck getting hold of Blackpool’s Leader him than I have had over the past two months.

This is Simon Blackburn when you contact Simon the voicemail is ‘Leader’s Office’

I decided to compile a list of all the streets, roads, avenues, drives and crescents that fall within BRUNSWICK WARD. If you are reading this and have any family, friends or even work colleagues that live on any of these locations we’d really appreciate your help in asking them to vote for us.

Both Gary and I are ex-members of the Labour Party as we believe a good local, humane, non-austerity approach is needed for what by many indices is one of the most deprived towns in Britain. We have to rise above the stupid ideological positions which close minds and prevent change. If nationally the Labour Party under JC is bad then the local Labour Group under Simon Blackburn is an absolute disgrace. It is the enemy of democracy and no friend of the people.

This the A-Z list ………

Addison Crescent, Apple Tree Gardens, Ascot Road

Bailey Court, Beech Avenue, Birchway Avenue, Bryan Road, Boothley Road, Buchanan Street, Butler Street

Cambridge Road, Caunce Street, Charles Street, Chester Road, Church Street (Mr Devonshire Sq), Coleridge Road, Collett Crescent, Collingwood Avenue, Coveway Avenue, Cresswell Street

Danesbury Place, Devonshire Road, Dutton Road, Durham Road

Edelston Road, Elm Avenue, Elizabeth Street

Fairhust Street, Felgate Brow, Fisher Street, Fenton Road, Fordway Avenue, Forest Gate

George Street, Glenwood Street, Gorton Street, Granville Road

Handley Road, Hazel Grove, Heald Street, Healey Street (only three properties), Heathway Avenue, Hillside Close, Hollywood Avenue

Ingleway Avenue

Kingscote Drive

Laycock Gate, Layton Road ( from the junction with Caunce Street to Newton Drive (No4 pub), Lily Street, London Road

Manchester Road, Maple Avenue, Mere Road (even numbers only), Milbourne Street, Milton Avenue (even numbers only),  Moorfield Avenue, Myrtle Avenue

Newton Drive (Devonshire Road to Milton Avenue), North Park Drive (opposite Golf Course- Milton to Forrest Gate), North Square

Olive Grove, Oxford Road

Peter Street, Platt Street, Poplar Avenue

Ridgwood Avenue, Ridley Street

Selbourne Road, Singleton Walk, South Square, St Clement’s Avenue, St Joseph’s Close, St George’s Court, Stirling Road, Stratton Close

The Cloisters, Talbot Road ( between Victory Road and Buchanan Street), The Saw Mills

Victory Road

Wayman Road, Warwick Road, Waterfoot Lane, Whitegate Drive, Whiteside Street, Whitley Avenue

If you would like a poster for the window please get in touch OR
if you are not certain if a household falls inside the BRUNSWICK boundaries please get in touch and we will check for you and get back.

We had a band practice (Litterbug) at tea time. It’s not easy playing the bass guitar with a heavily bandaged middle finger. There was some doubt that I would be able to play Thursday’s gig supporting the UK SUBS

in Lancaster but hopefully a couple more days healing will help. Grabbed some tea and then fell asleep watching the Spurs v Brighton & Hove Albion game. From what I remember it was very one-sided and Ericson broke the stalemate late on with another clinical strike. Largely on my son Joe’s recommendation I then slumbered whilst watching the first two episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 before catching up on Newsnight and retiring to the land of nod. ked

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