Day 24 of 32 Wednesday 24 April 2019 – Understanding ‘sales’ and finding Blackburn

Last night I slept soundly for the first time in a while. Feeling suitably refreshed I leapt out of bed and had fed Progress The Cat, played a little garage guitar session, consumed some food and swallowed dog-bite medication before the sun had hit the horizon.

A bit of local support from the weekend – well done Armand Gnanduillet – pity you are not a resident in Brunswick Ward

From today onwards I will make a concerted attempt to ensure the previous day’s blog is completed and uploaded before the earthlings rise. It’s hard to believe I am already editing the 24th of 32 blogging days. It’s amazing how time passes so quickly and that we will be in the last week of campaigning from tomorrow. 

So Houston ….  the schedule is already  T – 24 and we are counting down to Thursday May 2nd (day 24) -Election Day 2019. We are almost on the home stretch of recording the whereabouts of my little energy trail over this 32 day election period.   

After getting the blog shipshape the sun was clearly over the yard arm so it was PST (prime selling time) so I was on the phone trying to generate some business to keep the wolf from the door. I’ve been in sales of one kind or another most of my adult life. I love dealing with people and solving problems. Each sales situation is similar but different in terms of the people, personalities and power relations. After leaving university in 1987 I started out as a trainee chartered accountant working for Ernst and Young in Lowry House in Manchester.

To be honest I quite enjoyed auditing copany accounts and was disappointed to have to leave E&Y having failed 1 of 8 exams. For some ‘Chartered Accountancy’ (rather like being a solicitor) carries some kudos whereas the profession of ‘sales-person’ is looked down upon by some as an inferior way of making a living, some more snooty types even regard it as an undignified form of quackery. That said it’s one of the best routes people from the lower end of the social spectrum can prove themselves and (economically and socially) get from nowhere to somewhere. If you know me you will however understand that income and social standing are just two facets of this complex diamond we life – certainly not the be all and end all as some unfortunately think it is.

Stanley the Vitality Dog – recently won at a local networking group at Fleetwood Town FC

Now, based on 30 years’ experience in the field it is fair to say sales is a great profession when things are going well  ….. but a horrible one when things are going badly. Over this period I’ve witnessed some pretty hard-core sales environments and some pretty toxic ones too but they’ve all been a learning experience. I guess I’ve always carried an ambivalent relationship towards modern day consumerism. On one level whilst I must confess to being a willing occupant of our rampantly commercialising world …… I’ve never been anything like a ‘cheerleader for capitalism’ in fact far from it. 

For the last 5 years I’ve for myself and like most self-employed people I know we really don’t miss the corporate bullshit and power games of former years. It’s probably lucky that I do manage my own time these days otherwise activities such as this election campaign, the 25 year old DIY record label, writing fanzines, playing the gigs and all the BST work fighting against The Oyston family over the past four years wouldn’t have been able to happen to anything like the same degree. 

Today we are putting together BRUNSWICK leaflet number 3 for delivery next weekend. Think the delivery team should all wear a bit of tangerine as we are all motivated by a common love of Blackpool. If anyone reading this blog would like to join us this Sunday we meet on the No.4 car park at 10.30 AM and depending on numbers it will take up to about 90 minutes of your time – it would be nice to meet you if you can make it. In terms of the leaflet there’s always some to’ing and fro’ing with the design guys to proof-read and get the final draft sorted so there’s plenty of time for it to get loaded on the Brightprint presses for the usual Friday afternoon collection.

One of the better moments this season – our little trip to Bradford. The police said we were the best fans they’d had all season …

I spoke with Campaign Manager (Ashley Knowles) today who is still trying to set up a hustings ahead of Election Day on Thursday 2nd.  He also needs to get a form in to the Council tomorrow for a guest to attend the count at Stanley Park Sports Centre on the morning of Friday 3rd May. I do appreciate his input as I know he is busy and can get a little flustered when things pile up. I wonder if Ashley will hear back from SIMON BLACKBURN, I do hope so – if he does I will report back. I also wonder what te SIMON BLACKBURN camp think of our INDEPENDENT campaign so far – good, bad, indifferent, a threat, a nuisance ?  It would be interesting to know, maybe we could ask him if he turns up to the count on May the 3rd. If we pull this victory off it will be a big news item – I really hope we can.

Endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother – only joking it’s Tom Kelly

Being an ex-Labour Party member I don’t think I could ever be a member again until there were some drastic changes. I’m not a Corbynista by any stretch of the imagination and everything I hear about how the local Labour Blackpool Group is run, sounds like it’s a power crazed tyranny. From all accounts councillors either accept the local party line or fear the consequences if they dare to deviate. A s I have said before the founders of the Labour Party who created it to fight for justice and oppose inequality and corrupt practices would be turning in their graves if they knew how an organisation that prides itself of democracy, friendship and accountability had become the mess it is today.

I spoke with Shelagh Parkinson from the Blackpool Evening Gazette this afternoon regarding an article she’s putting together on all the INDEPENDENT Candidates standing on May 2nd. I was supposed to get some information across earlier today but couldn’t do so as Rox Towers was suffering from broadband connectivity problems (updating yesterday’s blog this was really time consuming btw) …. don’t know if there was a bit of an FY3 outage as I heard of a few companies that were experiencing similar problems … mercury in retrograde in Middle Earth ! 

Shelagh was interested in my motivations for standing next week and if it was a football platform similar to the General Election campaign in 2015. I explained there’s a day by day, blow by blow account on this blog so I won’t go into detail as some will have already digested days 1 – 3, but I did explain honestly and openly the frustration I had felt as Simon Blackburn had stymied the Open Letter from being a true cross-party effort and the genuine puzzlement amongst Blackpool FC supporters and opponents of the bad practices of the Oystons as to why this was the case ? In my eyes the fact he didn’t stand with his 2 local Labour MP’s Gordon Maynard and Cat Smith doesn’t make him neutral, it makes him a collaborator with that evil regime, which was exposed by te hard work of the local community – Simon Blackburn will be an Oystonite in my eyes until he has the time and the grace to convince me otherwise. The arrogance of the man actually reminds me to a certain extent of Karl Oyston and his unforgivable treatment of Blackpool FC and it’s loyal supporters.

After a local business appointment and almost trapping my already throbbing finger inside my car door (that hurt !)  I was off for a rendezvous in BRUNSWICK with Gary for some photos courtesy of local photographer Phil Heywood. He took a few snaps on Caunce Street, Peter Street and Devonshire Road – hope they rturn out ok and can be used on pamphlets 3 and 4.

Then we dropped off a couple of Election posters off on Ascot Rd and Granville Road and I was fully intending to do a bit more leafleting of the Ward until the heavens opened. It will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Arrived back about 6.30pm and got stuck into a few household chores, what a rock and roll lifestyle eh ? Finished just in time for the big Manchester United v Manchester City fixture – could this have an influence on the run in for the Premiership title ?

With one eye on the TV and one on the I-Pad I caught up on the local message boards. As well as political disquiet all over the place there is also a lot of disquiet amongst the Bloomfield Road faithful over the announcement of season ticket prices. After 4 years trying to expose the deceit and trickery of the Oyston regime the supporters are very sensitive and understandably wary about what is happening at the club. 

Interim Board member Tim Fielding addressing the BBLG last month – he has a difficult job

The C.A.R. (Court Appointed Receiver) Rubin & Partners have appointed an interim board to get the club on a firm financial footing and ready for sale. There is a lot of speculation about a portion of the shareholding of Segesta LTD (the company that owns Blackpool FC and various other companies) reverting to Oyston on completion of a sale. A curious position but apparently a result of the court order handed down by Judge Marcus Smith late last year.

City came out victorious in the Manchester derby so it’s still their title to lose. Only a few games left but it’s a great run-in so far. A quick catch up on Newsnight and Veep and it was time to close down for another day.

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  1. Just reading these blog posts tires me out catching up on all your activities! Keep up the great work Andy. If anything, the dog bite incident and the way you have carried on campaigning just show how much you are prepared to contribute for the good of the area you live in.

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