Day 26 of 32 – Gym, Geography and Let’s Get Active people !!

I woke with cramp in my legs a couple of times last night and I feel a bit energy depleted this lovely Friday morning …. Went to the gym and am told the pool and sauna are closing for 2 months for an upgrade. Pity as my routine tends to be gym then sauna to sweat out any bad energy I’ve attracted from the Dark Forces. The young lad explains there are extra yoga and Pilates classes on – why this is of relevance I’m not exactly sure. If I want to freeze my 3 memberships (mine, Out Jack and Our Joe) it will ‘only’ cost me £10 per month per membership. So I pay £60 for the benefit of not going to the gym for 2 months – is this an example of rip off Britain or what ? He gives me the email of the ‘manager’ in case I have an issue.

Back just in time for PST and spend most of the day on the phone and doing emails. One thing that concerns me about this election is that if we had enough time to get out and meet people I’m sure we would stand a good chance. It’s ok delivering leaflets but the only way we will do well is to speak with people and explain why a vote for us matters.

One other issue is the misunderstandings most people have of the geography of BRUNSWICK WARD as many mistakenly assume it’s around the BRUNSWICK CLUB are on Bethesda Drive near Central Drive. So in order to give a better idea of the geography I compiled a list of all the street locations that fall within BRUNSWICK WARD and posted it on social media.

Pubs are always good reference points to help people get their  bearings so BRUNSWICK includes the No.4 (Newton Drive) the No.3 (Devonshire Square) the Victory (Caunce St / Victory Road) and the Talbot Club on Buchanan Street.

BRUNSWICK is a diverse and pretty compact ward especially in the Devonshire Road area with all the streets such as Granville Street, Peter Street and George Street running parallel towards Caunce Street into Blackpool town centre. Incidentally it is also the smallest ward in Blackpool in terms of households and voter numbers.

So I asked if people have any family, friends or colleagues that live in any of the places we’d really appreciate your help in asking for their vote. If unsure if the person(s) still live there I can check name and the location on the electoral role to see if said person(s) are eligible to vote. All candidates are given a copy of the electoral role for their ward, which has to be returned to the council after the election.

It’s going to be a BIG ASK to overturn Simon Blackburn’s majority and we will only be able to do it with a lot of help. If we do it, it will be a big achievement.

So for anyone who can help the A-Z list of locations is  ……… 

Addison Crescent, Apple Tree Gardens, Ascot Road

Bailey Court, Beech Avenue, Birchway Avenue, Bryan Road, Boothley Road, Buchanan Street, Butler Street

Cambridge Road, Caunce Street, Charles Street, Chester Road, Church Street (Near Devonshire Sq), Coleridge Road, Collett Crescent, Collingwood Avenue, Coveway Avenue, Cresswell Street

Danesbury Place, Devonshire Road, Dutton Road, Durham Road

Edelston Road, Elm Avenue, Elizabeth Street

Fairhust Street, Felgate Brow, Fisher Street, Fenton Road, Fordway Avenue, Forest Gate

George Street, Glenwood Street, Gorton Street, Granville Road

Handley Road, Hazel Grove, Heald Street, Healey Street (only three properties), Heathway Avenue, Hillside Close, Hollywood Avenue

Ingleway Avenue

Kingscote Drive

Laycock Gate, Layton Road ( from the junction with Caunce Street to Newton Drive (No4 pub), Lily Street, London Road

Manchester Road, Maple Avenue, Mere Road (even numbers only), Milbourne Street, Milton Avenue (even numbers only),  Moorfield Avenue, Myrtle Avenue

Newton Drive (Devonshire Road to Milton Avenue), North Park Drive (opposite Golf Course- Milton to Forrest Gate), North Square

Olive Grove, Oxford Road

Peter Street, Platt Street, Poplar Avenue

Ridgwood Avenue, Ridley Street

Selbourne Road, Singleton Walk, South Square, St Clement’s Avenue, St Joseph’s Close, St George’s Court, Stirling Road, Stratton Close

The Cloisters, Talbot Road ( between Victory Road and Buchanan Street), The Saw Mills

Victory Road

Wayman Road, Warwick Road, Waterfoot Lane, Whitegate Drive, Whiteside Street, Whitley Avenue

Also if anyone wants a poster to display send a message or leave a comment.

Weather has been bad on TGC today – rain eased off about 3.00 so I went to collect the next batch of leaflets (pamphlet No.3) and did a couple of hours on Devonshire Road and George Street. I met a few lively characters who were sooooo pissed off with Dear Leader Blackburn. One lady in particular told me about the bailiffs Blackpool Council have used to try and evict her over late payments – she Dodd they are a nasty, calculated company that knock on the door ahead of pay day. She says she also lost out on a new council house to a Polish family on the grounds that she didn’t have ‘enough ties to Blackpool’, even though she was born on TGC. Would be unfair to pass comment without knowing the ins and outs of the case, but she certainly felt she had a grievance which she chased up but got lost in the council bureaucracy.

Met my international, swashbuckling campaign manager on the ward who made a start leafleting Bryan Road area as he has an airport run on Sunday. In the evening we went to Maya in PLF and for a couple in The Thatched. Good to see Hammers, Little Colin and The Sub, TTS, Juniper Berries + the Rossall Massive, Schriver and mad Sue McVitie …. ha, she won’t thank me for writing that.

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