Day 28 of 32 – Sunday 28 April – St Joe’s energy trails, the MSG and Poulton Labour Club !

The last Sunday before Election Day so we group together on the No.4 Car Park at 10:30. Nice sunny morning and a good turnout from Ashley Knowles, Mick Page, Karen McGuinness, Pauline O’Rourke, Darren Butterworth, Alan Ferry, Rob Wynne and Gaynor Wynne.

Just look at the No.4 Car Park this morning 🙂

I took two walks today. My first walk is the well-trodden route of St. Clements, St Joseph’s Close and I had a few good and encouraging conversations. This is the site of my old high school St Joe’s which became St Mary’s in 1979 when 4 schools (St Joe’s, The Convent and St Toms and St Catherine’s which became All Saints before being merged into St Mary’s).

Played and studied for hours here …. feels a bit odd but good at the same time – almost like a past life

It feels good walking around the same ground where I spent so many hours as a younger earthling, playing football every lunchtime, taking my A levels, competing in school sports at high-jump, athletics and rugby – – in the 4 houses of Newton,  Marton, Layton and Clifton.  I read recently that we all leave little energy trails which detail our journeys on this planet. It would be interesting to see a heat map of this. In my case I imagine Stanley Park and Marton would be the warmest location.

Jamie Carragher canvassing for Blackburn Out !

One chap I bumped into on The Cloisters / St Joseph’s Close was an ex-governor of Manchester University.  A well-spoken gentleman who asked me to tell him more about myself and where I grew up was educated as the leaflet didn’t tell him too much  …. I explained we had a bio on leaflet 1 and there’s not a lot of space on the leaflets. 

Anyhow once he knew I had grown up and went to school on the very ground we stood on, he seemed impressed. When he was aware I had a degree from Manchester University a Maters and a Phd from Lancaster University he said ‘that’s exactly what the council needs … a mixture of people with academic, business and life experience … you’ve got my vote’ I felt quite honoured.

Young Jenas also getting behind the campaign …. x

Arriving back at the No.4 bumped into Ged Callaghan, Smiler and Chris Taylor who were all interested to talk about the election and what’s happening at BFC. Alan and Darren both came back from their first leaflet drop and kindly volunteered to go out on a second. I can’t explain how much I appreciate their help. In today’s fast-paced, time-poor world the giving of free time is one of the kindest gestures that people can make.

When I was relaxing watching the MUFC v Chelsea game I got caught up in a discussion on AVFTT about the differences between BST and the MSG. There is often unnecessary rivalry between fans groups … so in an attempt to add clarity I posted as follows …..

 ‘Mex as a member of both BST and the MSG I would say the organisations are different in a number of ways.

Firstly BST describes itself as a legally-constituted, FCA-compliant Community Benefit Society, a one-person-one-vote co-operative, open to all supporters and dedicated to making Blackpool Football Club the best it can be for the fans and the town of Blackpool.

The MSG is not a legally-constituted organisation however it is open open to all supporters and is dedicated to making Blackpool Football Club the best it can be for the fans and the town of Blackpool. It does however have a few key organisers …. 

…. so if I were to draw a comparison BST is akin to the FSF whereas MSG is akin to the NW-FSF of which I am secretary and Dave Kelly (Blue Union) is chairman. The NW-FSF is designed to be less rigid than a constitutionally bound organisation like the FSF. For instance it is not obliged to have meetings of a certain regularity, publish minutes, have elections, publish accounts yet mobilised around campaigns / issues when needed.

I also think although both groups (I talk here for Supporters Trusts more generally than just BST  having met with lots of them at FSF SD and other forums over the years) are populated by dedicated BFC fans there are cultural differences. 

TRUSTS tend to be represented by older and more professional people. See for instance the BWFCST meeting a number of BST committee members attended last week – their main spokesperson is a barrister and they also have solicitors on their committee.

Happy Times – courtesy of Phil Heywood

The MSG is very much from the terraces, primarily working-class and imbued with terrace culture. It is more strident in its opinions and more vocal in its pronouncements. The MSG is more allied to Ultra movement which many large European and South American supporters subscribe to.

The main difference is often how members of each group see each other. The old saying below is probably a sensible one to close with …

‘we don’t see things the way they are – we see things the way WE are’…. 

Hope that helps Mex lad 🧡 xxx

After the TV football I was intending on going out with LE for tea but that all changed at the last minute. This late change of plan gave me chance to deliver an election posted to Speedy who lives on Melbourne Street. What a great view of Blackpool Tower from outside his house, according to Gina from Hallmark Coach Travel it is the tallest tower in the world ! …. And I’m not going to argue with her.

Ordered a pizza from BEST en route to meet the campaign manager in PLF at the ‘golf club’ of all places. They describe it as a Labour Club where they play golf – all seemed very friendly. The barman was ok with me bundling in with my pizza and various election files. Quite a productive hour discussing ideas for the last few days of the campaign.

Me : Hello cheeky ! Off to bed now….. how are you son, having a good time……..
Progress replies : NO, NO, NO I’m not ….. It’s ok for you – I’m just here guarding the box and as you are asking … NO, NO, NO I haven’t been fed once today – I’m absolutely ravenous

Back at RT to catch up on a few things and off to be bed before the bewitching hour !

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  1. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but I had to be out on the bike doing the hills for #Tower2Tower Always behind you & Lets get Blackburn Out.

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