Day 30 of 32 – Tuesday 30 April – Lancaster, It feels so good and the last surge

Up before sunrise to perform one’s usual cat, guitar and blog duties. Today is likely to be a short blog as most activities and remaining energy reserves will be dedicated towards getting things in place for the final onslaught.

I had a couple of meetings up at a solicitor’s practice in Lancaster and a soft furnishings company on Red Scar in East Preston which both went ok. For me half the battle in business is dealing with reasonable people and when they are also humorous and up for a laugh then it makes life so much easier. Hopefully Higster will be ahead of the game for May like I always used to be before the regime change occurred. Being free form pressure and avoiding the threat of the millstone of authority being wrapped around my psyche really suits my over-compensatory Capricorn sensibilities

Late afternoon had a short break to run through a couple of my new songs with Luke (drummer) and creator of the song Social Cycle. Feels so good to play some of my tunes for a change, it’s been a long while – they worked ok. Hope we can get them tight and recorded at some stage.

Gary picked up Brunswick 4 the final leaflet of four. I hope this one hits the mark with a lot of voters – it looks pretty good to me.

Uncle George popped round for some late election related planning and then I called it a day to watch the Spurs v Ajax game. Pity it didn’t work out for them, Ajax were the better team and the Hotspurs will do well to turn it around in the second leg.

Just seen an Evening Gazette Article pitching my campaign as a direct challenge to Simon Blackburn. Thankful for the coverage but could have done with a bit more detail but I am very appreciative and not complaining in the slightest.

I also caught up on social media and the BFC related boards are getting very toxic. After 4 years of struggle there is a lot of paranoia and mistrust on the seaside air. Think we all need to take a chill-pill be calm and put the interests of the supporters and the club first. Social media has its benefits but toxicity spreads like a disease. 5��

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