Day 31 of 32 – Wednesday 1st May – SBC, Franking Machine installation, Lunch with my Little Chickens and some last minute canvassing

Election Day Eve …. A little late rising today, its 6:00am,  and it’s straight down to Seasiders’ Business Club at Bloomfield Road. This is our second meeting and this has the makings of being a really great business and community focused group. It’s another good turn out today and great to welcome Ashley from the Blackpool FC Community Trust, Keith from RKMS and Mick from Trident Energy.

Straight after the meeting there is a new franking machine to be installed at BFC. Lee Wilkinson a local engineer from the Mailing Room did a great job in what was a smooth, text book installation. This equipment will save Blackpool FC thousands of pounds in postage charges per annum. I will do a full review on Linked – In and FACEBOOK in a couple of days’ time but in the meantime I have an election to fight.

Once completed the next stop is to join today’s canvassers on the No.4 Car Park – amazing how much of my short life on this planet from schooldays onwards has revolved around this fine establishment. Think I had my first drink in a pub here, many Friday nights out, many happy Sunday afternoons after playing with the late great King Eddie FC and in recent years running football coaches to desirable locations such as Bradford, Bury and Barnsley.

Today’s  canvassing team includes Darren Butterworth, Ray Gregson, Steve Edwards, Rob + Gaynor Wynne, John Monaghan, Young Ben, Steve Rowland, Ashley Knowles and ever so lively young Mr.Alan Ferry. Really can’t thank these people enough, I feel very humbled they have taken time out to support the campaign.

5 walks with maps – all to be delivered today

Alan reported back that there were teams of Labour canvassers on patch, something they would never have bothered with before which suggests we’ve got them a bit rattled. Gary pointed out Labour running a full page advertisement in the Gazette today. Basically saying Independents can’t win enough seats to run the Council. Scare tactics – focus on your own game.

Steve H. had bumped into Blackpool’s current ‘Dear Leader Blackburn’ in Blackpool of all places earlier today. Rather than pass the usual pleasantries as you would to the other team Mr Blackburn criticised our campaign mocking that we were ‘4 white men endorsing 2 white men’. Not sure if he was having a chip at our election leaflet ….  if he is I suppose the four individuals who provided quotes Rob, Greg, Steve and Eamonn O’Keefe can’t really help being white or male.

When I spoke later with Steve he was delivering leaflets on Birchway Avenue with a white female and his son, a young white male. Strangely enough when I canvassed Addison Crescent, London Road, South Square today everybody who answered the door was white – – – and I have to confess that I’m from Blackpool and I am a white male too. Was SB inferring that there is something wrong with being a white individual from Blackpool ? People should be proud of what they are and of who they are and show respect to others …. every person I spoke with today on BRUNSWICK WARD some of whom are regarded as living in pretty challenging environments (for instance 80% of children in BRUNSWICK WARD live in poverty) were courteous, engaging and a pleasure to meet. All decent people … a little kindness can go a long way.

I saw my 2 chickens Jack and Joe for lunch which is always a treat. They love winding me up especially when I lapse into dad mode and start trying to explain anything. Today is Jack’s only day off (he’s a branch manager at Arnold Clark in Preston) and Joe who sees his mum and Nanny Joyce on certain lunchtimes is also free. They both work hard, have lovely girlfriends and have busy social diaries so it’s not always easy to get them both in the same place together. I am so proud of my two lads it’s untrue I do hope I’m a good dad to them. 

Gary reported back that 506 (51%) postal votes have been returned in Brunswick which is quite high. We think the next couple of days could be interesting. As long as it’s the best possible outcome for the good people of BRUNSWICK WARD who deserve far better that will be fine in my book … I also have to say that the feedback on the doorstep has been encouraging

It was getting chilly up on London Road around 7:00pm so we decided to call it a day. There’s only so much we can do and I feel we have really put tons of effort into this campaign. Don’t think we could have done much more.

Went to The Thatched in PLF with Emma and chatted about the election … I’m actually feeling quite hopeful we can get a positive result tomorrow. We watched the Barcelona v Liverpool game – what a shame they got beaten 3-0. It was good to see everyone cheering on the English team … they played well in parts and certainly didn’t deserve that score line.

Early to bed … and up early for Election Day tomorrow ….. ���

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