Sunday in Southern Serbia – Manholes, Dogs and Franking Machines

Early morning tour with Petar and Balac to visit monastery and battlefield. Battle with the Turks on June 15 1381 created the birthplace of the Serbian nation. If you didn’t know Yugoslavia translates as the land of the southern Slavs you do now.

Gracanica Monastery – Pristina – Kosovo

Unfortunately the area where the battlefield took place is now totally urbanised. So we drove around the block a few times just to mark the spot with our little energy trails.

To ‘go to the wall’ is an old Serbian saying from when the
weak people could no longer stand during a church service they would walk to the side to prop themselves up against the wall.

A back alley bar serving giant hamburgers was the pre-match point of occupation. Everyone was pretty well behaved but interest did peak as a team of paramedics rushed to the assistance Carver who somehow managed to slip and injure himself on a loose manhole cover. 

Carver post manhole incident

Unfortunately no match tickets were forthcoming so general agreement commence the return leg to Belgrade just before the Kosovo v England game kicked off.

Once again I am pleased to report that Franking Machine banter was very much front and centre during the 6 hour journey. Whenever discussions veered off course they were gently manoeuvred  back onto the right track.

For instance when the old chestnut of favourite films came in to play a mention of Quadrophenia and reference to Daniels’ famous line ‘take that mail and that Franking Machine and stuff ‘em right up your arse’ restored parity.

Back in The Astoria we grabbed a couple of beers in the hotel bar before hitting the hay. AirPods would prove to be my rescue from a night of snoring induced sleep deprivation.

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