From Serbia to The Gold Coast …..

A long day of travelling and connections – via Paris for some via Frankfurt for others and via Luton, Nuneaton and the Hop Inn for the serial snorer.

Quite a lot of interest from the BBC and the LEP / Gazette in our election campaign.

Delays meant I couldn’t get back in time for the Blackpool Supporters Trust meeting – can’t be helped. One poor chap became unwell had to be escorted off the plane just before take off – which cost us an hour or so.

As Jeff and Fenners say – – -COME ON YOU KNOW !!!!

Bumped into Riyad Mahrez and his brother in Paris – as the tweets revealed he’s 100% behind our campaign – – cheers Riyad lad.

Speak to a couple of the Tangerine and White Alliance and all is good in the Seaside Hood.

Meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening at Rox Towers.

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