Radio Lancashire Interview, ‘Leaders’ ? ‘Debate’ ? …..

With my 4 running mates (Gina Dowding Greens, Mark Jewell Liberal Democrats, Mark Menzies Conservative, Mark Mitchell Labour) I attended Wesham Community Centre candidate discussion hosted by Radio Lancashire.

The fourth candidate interviews from across the 16 electoral seats of Lancashire, Mike Stevens who according to the colourful Mark Menzies ‘has a voice for radio and face for TV’ quizzed us all on Brexit and the NHS.

The BBC Radio Lancashire interview : from Wesham Community Centre.
L-R : Mark Jewell’s knee (Liberal Democrats)
Martin Mitchell (Labour) looking a bit confused tbh, Andy Higgins (Independent) rocking the pink Claire Rayners, Gina Dowding (Greens) Mark Menzies (Colourful Conservative) being interviewed by Mike Stevens

The interview goes out on Friday morning. Our campaign is all about justice, honesty and speaking up for the forgotten people of the place where we live. I tried to add a bit of brevity to proceedings suggesting Fylde was a Rotten Borough (which it technically is) and suggesting we might well replace the incumbent Tory MP Mark Menzies with a Pitney Bowes franking machine, as it is likely to get elected – – – even Marek Menzies nodded in agreement.

As an experiment I would wager a franking machine wearing a blue rosette let alone a pig in a blue rosette would get elected in Fylde. A great case for ELECTORAL REFORM.

Electoral Reform is vital to save this so called ‘democracy’ of ours. Approximately 400 of the 650 UK constituencies are safe seats that are extremely unlikely to change their incumbent – and Fylde is one of those.

Interesting that the 4 neighbouring areas we are contesting have the biggest pockets of deprivation in the UK a few miles from some of the most affluent.

When they got onto the NHS I explained my personal experiences with the NHS and how it might be able to improve its service delivery. I also gave an example (case study) of how I’d managed to save Lancaster and Morecambe hospitals over £50k per annum (year on year) by supplying Mail-Mark and BMA Franking Machine solutions – I claimed those little franking machines have probably done more for the NHS in this area than what Mark Menzies and Martin Mitchell have done between them.

We 4, we merry 4, we band of brothers had a quick meeting Chez Rox in the evening. Lots of things to do including leaflets, posters, Royal Mail, website profiles, fundraisers etc – it was so much easier with a party machine behind us … but at least we have still have our souls in tact and we haven’t totally sold out.

L-R : Andy Higgins, Gary Coleman and Ray Gregson campaigning in May 2019 local elections for the Brunswick Ward at the St Kentigern’s Polling Station

After treating myself to the Germany v Northern Ireland game and an hours in the garage working out some new tunes I watched the analysis of the so called leaders debate and that awful Prince Andrew interview. This country needs change – – – – if only people would listen to those who can deliver it.

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