Karl Oyston (again), Farewell to Ken … and Illness strikes !

Contracted a virus a couple of days ago which explains the absence of blogs. Bit of an abridged catch-up below – as ever feedback / comments greatly appreciated.

Thursday’s visit to Alexandra House, Parsonage, Manchester will hopefully be one of the final court visits for the BFC faithful to exorcise the bad energy of Oystonism. Karl the Dark Lord himself the Claimant v Mr Boyd the bespectacled respondent with Mr Frainey presiding.

We few, we merry and happy few …. we band of Seasider Brothers …

Suspended from BFC in Feb 2018 Karl is suing the club for loss of earnings up until July 2019.  We witnessed the now familiar Oyston Court Protocol of last minute submissions … this time 400 pages of documentation and a previously unseen witness statement.

Hanging Judge with natural headgear….

The downside of this is that is that it gives the legal eagles free license to indulge in their three favourite pastimes. Hearing their own voices, boosting their self-importance whilst making ever more money. What, cynical .. moi ?

The chap from the Gazette covered most of the issues off : interesting areas included : the removal and destruction of BFC company information ; HMRC implications ; ‘potential illegalities’ …. before it’s inevitable adjournment until February 2020.

Well done to the 20 odd who made the journey – the usual faces. Predictably some AVFTT posters (whom curiously nobody seems to know) questioned the logic behind attending. I personally see it as taking precautionary steps to ensure the smouldering embers of almost extinguished fire are suitably doused. Despite the bad energy they have manifested I wish no evil upon Karl and Lazarus, however if they attack the club we all fought so hard to retrieve then we feel compelled to defend it.

Quick meeting in Manchester, then delivered Afroman back to The Gold Coast just in time for Thursday evening 5-a-side. After a hard fought draw we visited The Thatched where the results of a day’s drinking were quite visible. Hello Bus !

Cover of Ken’s funeral service booklet

Friday was the funeral of local Blackpool legend Ken Wright (9 Sept 1936 – 8 Nov 2019) up at Lytham Crematorium. A lovely service with many tears from friends and family commemorated Ken’s life. Only a few months ago Ken accompanied our Seasiders posse out to Portugal for the England games – he was always up for a new challenge … great memories. He will be missed by many in the Boars Head, The Saddle and the No.10 Alehouse.

Logo of a small DIY punk band from Blackpool

Was supposed to be playing with Litterbug in Gateshead yesterday but my sickness put pay to that. I oscillated twixt bed and bathroom for over 24 hours. Instead I focused on the football all day.

A good point for Pool away at Ipswich. Mourinho’s self-love will only increase with a 3-2 victory at West Ham. Liverpool won with the help of VAR and nearly all away wins in the Premiership. Well done to Barrow topping the National League with another win.

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