Just more trouble coming every day – Zounds !

There is trouble with Royal Mail (leaflet shenanigans), trouble with the Gazette and now trouble at Blackpool FC. The combined impact of these is in addition to the daily work routine and the trials of the everyday
is to create a phone meltdown.

The hustings event at Blackpool Sixth Form was enjoyable. A bit of tension between the Labour and Tory candidate entertained the crowd. Nice to see Duncan Royce (Greens) what a genuinely nice bloke he is . Of all the hustings events I attended in 2015 Blackpool Sixth was my favourite. The energy, ideas and humour of young e is energising. The environment is great. The organisation form the politics society, the teachers, students and staff is a credit to the college. Great to see so many of the students going on to great things at Oxbridge and Ivy League Universities … lovely to see kids that haven’t bought educational privilege succeeding in life.

Trouble over some inflammatory tweets at the Gazette. The lesson is to avoid saying anything on line that you would not say in the real world (face to face). Show respect as much as you can even when it hurts,

Phone footage of Trouble between stewards / security staff and supporters on Wednesday at Bloomfield Road went viral on Thursday. This is now being investigated by the club. The relationship between young people and the police in Blackpool isn’t great.

What goes on, on match days at BFC brings the distrust, tension and power relations into sharp relief. The police have a job to do the young lads want to have a laugh and let off a bit of steam – good relations can exist and make this workable. It just takes a bit of imagination – remember the Club are in charge of making this work.

Dealing with authority and gatekeepers is for me a daily event. The Royal Mail ‘computer says no’ approach to artwork checking for election campaigns is top heavy, slow, unresponsive and time consuming. Coordinating on behalf of 4 candidates quadruples my frustrations – the inconsistency between the responses of different individuals in the Royal Mail ‘artwork checking department’ makes my heart heavy.

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