The Hustings and Electoral Reform ….

Just watching Breakfast Schnews – the U.K. electoral system is SO unfair – especially if you ‘do the math’ 🤣 ….

Tory 43% of votes = 55% of seats
Lab 32% of votes = 32% of seats
Lib Dem’s 14% of votes = 2% of seats

As the old Punk Maxim off the Riot Clone EP back in the early 80’s which goes .. ‘whoever you vote for GOVERNMENT always wins’ is as true today as it was then.

It’s a SWINDLE !

As I’m standing in FYLDE I took part in the HUSTINGS at Blackpool 6th Form yesterday – what was even more depressing was not the rigged electoral system but the Young Tory representative defending the system 🤮 … and TBF even Gordon + Chris from Labour didn’t get behind me when I was bleating on about electoral reform.

What no S … ?

Vote INDEPENDENT on Dec 12th across the 4 seats of the Gold Coast –

Gary Coleman – Blackpool South
Neil Holden – Blackpool North
Andy Higgins – Fylde (Lytham)
David Raggozinno – Wyre (Poulton)

…… big change often comes from small initiatives 🧡 – please visit 🧡

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