Fylde Coast Sickness Bug, FYLDE LEP interview and Leaflet-Gate (?)

Been back and forth to my doctors as I have the dreaded sickness bug. I have been diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia and given an ‘optimal’ dose of antibiotics. My relationship with pneumonia goes back to 1998 when I was admitted to Blackpool Victoria Hospital for a week, fresh home from the World Cup in France – suspected Legionnaire’s ! – irony is I felt fit and healthy but just had a ridiculous cough I couldn’t shake off.

Electoral polls look like the FPTP systems will bring back a majority of Tory MP’S. If the graphic below is correct the Tories will get close to 50% of the seats and the Lib Dems 3% – how unfair !

If we had PR it would be fairer, more interesting and even a bit exciting ?

Did a Litterbug gig in Manchester at the Retro Fest which went really badly here’s a picture of a mirror at the venue – it has a sticker of a band the ex-Litterbug drummer is in – does anyone know which one is te Blackpool band ?

Finally after multiple rejections the artwork for our leaflets was approved by Royal Mail. Thanks to local printer Brightprint they were banded, boxed and delivered to Fulwood yesterday. They will start landing on the doormats today hopefully.

A2 POSTERS – IF ANYONE WANTS ONE TO ANNOY THEIR NEIGHBOUR LET ME KNOW – the leaflets coming through your letterbox will be different to this – such excitement !! x

We would really appreciate your help if you could read the rear of the leaflets you receive and let us know where the candidates got them printed. All 4 of us had ours produced at the local printers – it is good business for them – they can leave the presses running overnight. I only know of one other G.E. candidate who has done the same but will wait until we have the information in.

The LEP have interviewed the candidates for FYLDE and Paul Faulkner released this piece last night – cheers for the coverage … not had chance to see footage yet but hope it’s ok.


I was interviewed on the JS Park in PLF which is actually in Wyre + North Preston as Paul Faulkner was rushing to get an audience with Ben Wallace – which unfortunately didn’t happen.

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