Andy Higgins

Candidate Profile added Wednesday 20 November.

Biography :  Andy Higgins. 54 years young, self-employed, running a local business (Postal and Data Systems). Born in Glenroyd, educated locally in the state sector with degrees and PHD from Manchester and Lancaster Universities. Have two fine sons, ex-member of the Labour Party, ex-teacher of politics, ex-football coach. Currently a musician playing in various underground bands and running a DIY punk label (Just Say No To Government Music Records) for over 25 years.

My Explanation for Standing : The old anchors that once held our society in place such as religion, unions and political parties have loosened their grip. These days more people visit football grounds than all the churches, mosques and synagogues put together. More subscribe to football trusts and clubs than to all the political parties put together.

Blackpool, once Britain’s jewel in the crown and the most successful holiday destination in Europe, is today described in Parliament as a ‘special case’ facing the biggest challenges in terms of health, education and deprivation in Britain.

Your elected officials are not from your community, so do they really represent you ?  Rather than criticising career politicians, your media however chooses to demonise the poor and the vulnerable in our communities. This is unjust and morally wrong.

A love of football and a love of community are the magnetic forces that have pull this group of 4 local people together.

Local Issues …..

  • The Charlene Downes’ Case – I support a full inquiry into and the re-examination of the Charlene Downes’ case by a group selected and appropriate people from politics, journalism, the law and the judiciary. I do so in the hope that the sexual exploiters, the police and the family will all face justice.
  • A Financial Promise – 50% of my parliamentary salary will go to community based projects to help young people get a better chance in life. I call on my fellow candidates from the Westminster parties to match this commitment.
  • Football Representation – Blackpool FC should become a model for meaningful fan representation. The North Stand should be re-named the Kevin Olssen Spion Kop and we supporters should be able to police ourselves.

National Issues …..

  • Electoral Reform  –  Whoever you vote for government always wins and today Britain lives under a two party tyranny. Over 400 of the 650 parliamentary seats never change colour, which makes our general elections ‘carnivals of democracy’. I support Proportional Representation and the single transferrable vote. People deserve to know their votes count for something. People need to know they can stand up and change things for the better through a democratically elected parliament
  • Brexit – Although its relationship with the EU needed reform, I believe  Britain had a unique deal as we were neither in the Euro nor in Schengen. In 2015 I was 51% remain 49% leave – so I voted to remain. The mandate to leave was given and I now support an orderly Brexit.  Brexit will not be delivered with the current system, arithmetic and ideological party allegiance. Under Proportional Representation people can vote freely – every vote can be a free vote.
  • Football Reform 1 –  Football, like the community it serves  is more than a business and should be treated as such. All owners of football clubs owe a duty of care to the community and supporters. I support the FSA Manifesto and believe the sport and its leaders should serve the supporters rather than themselves
  • Football Reform 2 –  For years a silent war has been taking place on sections of football fans. Up and down the country many have been convicted and jailed on flimsy evidence for spurious offences. We demand justice for all football fans who too often are easy victims to overzealous policing and pernicious banning orders