David Ragozzino

Candidate Profiles added November 24 2019.

My Name is David Ragozzino, I am 37 years old. I was born and raised in Blackpool and I’m very proud of this town. I have been married to Becca for 4 years and we have 2 children. We currently live in the Marton area of Blackpool. I am employed as the Hygiene Manager at Fox’s Biscuits in Kirkham & Wesham.

I am a passionate Blackpool FC fan and current season ticket holder.

In 2016, like 67.5% of voters in Blackpool, I voted to leave the EU. I believe that the majority of the country still want Brexit to happen, and by voting for me in the Wyre & Preston North constituency, I will ensure that I push hard to promote democracy. I have little faith in the main parties of this country to deliver the will of the people.

Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre and Preston have all suffered from a significant lack of investment over the past decade. Cuts in Emergency services, council workers and genuine lack of jobs in the area, have all contributed to these places becoming some of the most deprived in the country. This needs to stop, and I am the person to help fight for a brighter future.

The Charlene Downes case, which has been very high profile in Blackpool, has been left unsolved. This is a young child that has been let down by everybody from her parents to the authorities, culminating in her murder. Currently, nobody has been held accountable for this horrendous travesty. I will be demanding an independent enquiry into the way this case was handled, and hopefully bring about justice for Charlene. This cannot be forgotten about.

I believe I can be part of a bigger and better future for Wyre & Preston North , if you feel the same please vote for me, David Ragozzino on the 12th December.