Gary Coleman

Candidate profile added – Wednesday 20 November.

Hello, my name is Gary Coleman. I am 54 years old and married to Debbie, we have two teenage daughters who listen to and respect their Dad at all times (that’s the last election lie I am going to make). 

Our family moved to Blackpool over 40 years ago, and I have lived in Blackpool South ever since.

I was honoured last year to be the Mayor of Blackpool. It gave me opportunity to meet so many people that are doing great work for our town. In this day and age of massive cuts and austerity inflicted on us by the Government there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of people that are making a positive difference to the lives of others in our town.

At the local elections in May this year I became one of the first independent councillors to be elected in Blackpool in five decades. We had been told, and residents had been told, by opposition parties and so called experts that independents couldn’t win in Blackpool. They were completely wrong of course. I don’t doubt that my opposition in this election will tell you again that I can’t win here. I suppose they would say that wouldn’t they. It actually tells me that they are worried that we can win here with your help and with your vote.

I know it sounds corny but I really do love Blackpool. It is such a special place to live and I am proud to call it home. But we all know that there is a lot of work to be done to make our town a place all decent residents want it to become. It hurts when I see the lives of good people being ruined by those who have no thought for how their actions and decisions adversely affect others. 

I am tired of seeing decent people struggling to make ends meet, or sometimes simply survive, because detached politicians hundreds of miles away choose not to see, and not admit to, the devastating impact that their policies have had on the people they should be fighting for.

I promise that I will endeavour to spend as much time in Blackpool as I will in Westminster. I will do all within my power to improve the lives of Blackpool South residents and help make our special town a place that we can all be proud to say is our home.