Neil Holden

Candidate profile added Wednesday 20 November.

My Name is Neil Holden I am 44 years old. I was born and raised in Blackpool and I’m very proud to be able to say that. I have been married to Paula for 19 years and we have 3 children. We currently live in the South Shore area of Blackpool. I am employed as a HGV driver in and around the Blackpool area.

I am a passionate Blackpool FC fan and current season ticket holder.

In 2016 like 66.91% of voters in our Constituency I voted LEAVE. I do not believe that the Conservative and Labour parties will give us the Brexit we voted for. As your INDEPENDENT candidate I pledge to fight against the deal that is currently on offer and against a second referendum.

Blackpool has suffered more that most due to savage cuts. The figure is in the region of £1 Billion in cumulative cuts since 2010. Our NHS, Adult Social Care, investment in Business, Schools, Police, basic Council services that we all expect, cannot be delivered.


Lancashire Police have been one of the hardest hit forces due to savage cuts. Since 2010 it has lost 20% in its budget in real terms, meaning Lancashire as a whole now has 750 less officers, the 7th highest nationally. Blackpool North & Cleveleys & indeed the town as a whole is classed as a Burglary hotspot. Anti social behaviour in on the rise & in the Cleveleys park area in particular – Between November 2018 & October 2019 anti social behaviour accounts for 32.43% (96) reported incidents & Violence & Sexual crime offences between the same time period account for 37.50% (111) reported incidents. Of these 54% are still under investigation with 41% with no further action. These  figures alone are a disgrace and I pledge to you that I will fight to get every officer possible back on our streets.

Unclaimed Pension Credit

“Research by @IndependentAge shows every year £6,731,000 of pension credit in Blackpool North + Cleveleys goes unclaimed. If Elected. I’ll ensure there’s an action plan so everyone that’s entitled to pension credit receives it, and I will fight pension poverty. The total unclaimed pension credit adds up to £3.5 Billion across Great Britain.

So people across Blackpool Wyre & Fylde tell your relatives about this, because your local MP hasn’t.

I believe I can be part of a brighter future for Blackpool, if you feel the same please vote for me Neil Holden on the 12th December.

A Manifesto for Walking

The UK faces an urgent need to tackle the public health crises of obesity and inactivity, boost the vibrancy of our communities and public spaces, improve the quality of our air and address the urgent challenge of climate change. With physical activity estimated to cost the NHS at least £1.1 bn a year and up to 36,000 deaths a year in the UK attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution, the need is more pressing than ever before.

Walking is an easy solution to these challenges – 51% of trips under 2 miles per person per year in England are by car and van, and when questioned 42% would be willing to walk these shorter journeys. As a supporter of national charity Living Streets, I want everyone to be able to walk their everyday journeys safely and easily in my area and beyond.

By committing to prioritise walking we can help to tackle the climate emergency, cut congestion, clean up our air and ensure our neighbourhoods are happier and healthier.

I therefore call on the next government to :

• Raise long-term investment in walking and cycling to at least 10% of transport spending;
• Transform routes to school with at least 55% of primary pupils walking to school by 2025;
• Tackle pavement parking across the UK, building on progress in Scotland;
• Revise the Highway Code to make our streets safer for walking and cycling;
• Make 20mph the default limit in built-up areas.

Living Streets has published its A Manifesto for Walking and I urge you to find out more here:

Pledge to Protect the NHS

“I Neil Holden pledge to protect our NHS from trade deals with new legislation which ends privatisation”

We’ve been told that it’s ‘not on the table’ –but words are not enough.

Because the NHS in England has already been opened up to private companies, it is vulnerable to automatic inclusion in trade deals. We know that 18% of the NHS’ budget is currently spent on contracts with private providers. Companies like VirginCare are already providing NHS services.

84% of us support a publicly owned NHS. As things stand, the only way to protect our NHS is by introducing new legislation which reverses existing privatisation.Here’s a short briefing explaining why this is the case. 

Nearly 1 million people have signed the petitionfrom Keep Our NHS Public calling for our NHS to be kept out of a US trade deal.I’m urging you to sign this pledge to make that happen.